I’ve published a book: Whisky Tales: Tastings and Temptations

I'm always close to an Ardbeg and a Lagavulin!
I’m always close to an Ardbeg and a Lagavulin!

First off, let me assert that I am not a whisky expert by any stretch of the imagination. I am an enthusiast who has tasted more than 300 whiskies, and still counting.  Along the way I began hosting single malt tastings for family, friends, and eventually as fund raisers for specific charities, and then on occasion as a fee for service event for a small group of clients.  All of these experiences have led to a number of stories, adventures and misadventures, which added to the depth of knowledge that I am still acquiring. Writing a book seemed like a logical way to document all the fun I am having, the skills I have learned, and the pure pleasure of enjoying whisky and pairing it with food as well as with expressions from different distilleries.

My book, Whisky Tales: Tastings and Temptations is self-published in print and Kindle and is as accurate I as I could make it.  I am sure that there are a few oops! that might pop up here and there, but overall I am quite pleased with the result.  As I say on the back cover of the print version of the book: Take the journey as I offer recommendations and tips from ore than a decade of leading whisky tastings that include:

  • Tasting to discover the nuances of each bottle
  • How to select the right whisky for your palate
  • Pairings with cheese, chocolate and dinner
  • Crafting tastings for friends and clients
  • Starting your own collection

Here is a  partial listing of the recommendations offered at the end of Chapter 3 – Recommendations for collecting:

  • Think about your end goal for collecting:
    • Is it purely ego – to have the most, the best, the most expensive, the unusual?
    • Is it to enjoy and share?
    • Is it to host tastings for charity, friends, etc.?
    • Is it simply for the fun of having a liquor cabinet with depth and variety?
    • Whatever reason pleases you, go for it.



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