As a White Russian cocktail drinker, making the leap to single malt scotch was a journey that was nowhere near my radar screen until a friend opened up the door to the world of brown spirits. Almost fifteen years later I have written a book about whisky. The book takes the reader on a sometimes whimsical, sometimes serious romp through my learning curve of tasting, exploring, collecting and uncovering the immeasurable pleasure of single malt scotch and whiskies.Whisky Tales: Tastings and Temptations  print copy is available as well as a Kindle version. Why the two versions are not on the same page is another learning curve I am in the midst of tackling.

Take the journey as I offer tips and recommendations from more than a decade of leading whisky tastings that include:

  • tasting whisky to discover the individual nuances of each bottle
  • exploring the similarities and differences in flavor profiles between distilleries and expressions
  • how to select the right whisky for your palate
  • pairing whisky with cheese, chocolate and dinner
  • crafting whisky tastings for friends and clients
  • starting your own collection

As a New Englander there are many cold months in which to settle down next to a cozy fire and sip a DAMN good whisky. Hell, most any time is a perfect time to enjoy a whisky. And, just for fun, I earned a diploma from the Professional Bartenders School of New England in 2012. Now I can bring on the cocktails when the whisky is resting.

I raise a glass.



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