“I don’t get no respect”

Beautiful bottle, but who drinks V.O.?
Beautiful bottle, but who drinks V.O.?

American comedian, Rodney Dangerfield, was best known for this line. The line also holds true for Seagram’s V.O., a 6 Y.O. blended Canadian whisky. I don’t drink it, am not inclined to drink it, and wonder if anyone actually drinks it.

It all started when my friend Doris was cleaning out the closet where her father’s cache of liquor had been stored for many years – long since after his passing away. Knowing that I like (to put it mildly) whisky, she gave me a few of the old unopened bottles, which included a very nice looking 1977 VO in a glass decanter. I put the bottle in my closet and forgot about it until this morning.

Might be something to blog about, was my first thought.  Being a lazy researcher, I went on the Internet to see what information was filling the cyber waves.  Nothing. Well, actually, more than a few hits, but nothing of substance. The VO “Don’t get no respect” line came quickly to mind.  Here is what I did find:

  • The value of this special bottle is either $0 or a shocking $200
  • It is easily found in local liquor stores in my area. Somebody is drinking it still.
  • One blogger wrote about how good he found it – only to be slammed by several others who commented on how distasteful it was.
  • Jason Wilson, writing for the Washington Post in 2010, commented that Canadian Whisky is called “brown vodka” for a reason. Its a worth-reading short article.
  • Wilson quoted Lew Bryson as saying, “Canadian whisky drinkers have two defining characteristics: One, they’re men. Two, they have gray hair.” I wonder if Rodney drank V.O.?
  • “I don’t get no respect” – even corporate owner Diageo spells it Canadian whiskey – with an “e”! I scoured the Diageo web site for longer than the V.O. deserved and found just the one mention.

If you are inclined to try Seagram’s V.O. the old school way is to mix it with ginger ale. At 80 proof, there will be a tiny kick, and ginger ale is good for the digestion (or so my mother said.)

For me, I will go back to pretending I am on Islay this week basking in the sun and windswept breeze and tippling a dram from each of the island distilleries during the incredible yearly Islay Festival.

I raise a glass to Islay.


One thought on ““I don’t get no respect”

  1. A customer once brought in a bottle of VO from the mid ’80s, it was surprisingly charming. Sweet, a bit fruity, and easy drinking, with none of the extreme heat and grainy notes of today’s example. It may surprise you!


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