Mishaps and Miscues

A Glimpse of the Buffalo Trace Master Distiller's Tasting Room
A Glimpse of the Buffalo Trace Master Distiller’s Tasting Room


Mishap: accident, trouble, problem, difficulty, set back, adversity.

Miscue: a mistake.

We all have them. But having mishaps and miscues with whisky can be catastrophic, universe shifting, life altering, or as John Wayne is credited as saying, “Life is hard; don’t make it harder by being stupid. I can still hear Forrest Gump saying, “Stupid is as stupid does.” All right already.

My Top 10 Mishaps and Miscues

10. Not writing down what I drank at the Occidental Cigar Club in San Francisco. Damn I must have had a raucous time.

9. Never documenting the whisky stash, as small as it was, that my father kept in the lower cabinet of the family grandfather clock.

8. Not purchasing an inaugural bottle of Hillrock Distillery Single Malt while in Rhineback, New York.

7. Not getting a copy of the picture taken of me with Joan Parker and Master Chef Jody Adams at the whisky tasting I held at Joan’s home.

6. By association, watching a friend offer a fellow guest at a party a glass of Ardbeg’s Lord of the Isles only to see the recipient immediately throw it down the sink after one teeny tiny sip.

5. Bringing an unopened bottle of the Bruichladdich 20 YO, 2nd edition to the office party, only to realize that it was my autographed bottle by Jim McEwan. Now it is empty. Still autographed but empty.

4. Forgetting to have a picture taken of me and lead chemist Truman Cox, while having a private tour of the chemist lab at Buffalo Trace. Truman passed away suddenly in 2013 at the age of 44.

3. Giving away an unopened bottle of George T. Stagg to a person thought bourbon was too sweet. The plan was for him to try it (like it) and then to share it with his son-in-law who is considering opening up a craft distillery.  The larger miscue was realized when the son-in-law said he never heard of George T. Stagg.

2. Offering a weeklong guest at my home free reign of my scotch cabinet while I was at work; then discovering an irreplaceable bottle was drained to within an inch of its demise.

My number one miscue: I simply don’t spend enough time with the dozen or so bottles of American bourbon and rye that I own, aka drinking it. It would help all the other mishaps and miscues fade away.

For more on some of these stories and other tales please check out my book: Whisky Tales: Tastings and Temptations.


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