Lowland Single Malts. I hesitate.

How many Lowland single malts can you name? Exactly. Not too many lining the shelves of your favorite liquor store. I’ve offered Auchentoshan expressions at whisky tastings.  Being very light in flavor, they are the first up. Folks new to whisky enjoy the easiness and approachability.  Once the tasting moves on to Highland’s with depth and Islay’s robust peat, the Lowlands fade for most.

Yet, Duthies Auchentoshan 19 Y.O, a product of WM Cadenhead, is worth trying. I made the comment “that Lowland whiskies are way-too light” while visiting the Springbank Distillery and imbibing at a private tasting. Immediately, Peter Currie, Springbank rep at the time, pulled out the Duthies. I bought a bottle and tucked it in my suitcase to bring back to the US.

Gordon and MacPhail also bottles a few of the Lowland shuttered Rosebank Distillery single malts.  Yes, they are on the light side as well.  But, the Rosebank 17 Y.O. cask strength gives a kick just to make sure one notices. I noticed. The Rosebank 18 Y.O. is more typical.

Spring is here for some and coming soon for others, a good time to rotate the bottles in your scotch cabinet and bring out the lighter whiskies.

I raise a glass!


One thought on “Lowland Single Malts. I hesitate.

  1. Interesting that you got a good tip on lowland whiskey at Springbank. I see you have Springbank 21 in the picture. Smooth and rich. Yum!


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