Ardbeg Always on My Top 10

Continuing with the “A” list brings us to one of the outstanding BIG whiskies of Islay. A friend told me once that he could smell my whisky in hand from across the room. Awesome! My hand was holding a big gun. “A” list in action.

The one he took notice of….Ardbeg, not only delivers punch with its 10 Y.O., but surprises us fans with new expressions that pull and tug at our heartstrings and “Top 10” lists. For me, pour a two-finger glass of the Corrycreckan. In my book I describe it as “Leather with a depth of heat and elegance. Delicious bursts of Islay sea. Never drink Corry first because others would be left behind on the sidewalk.”

Looking over Corry’s shoulder for some well deserved recognition is the Ardbeg Rollercoaster and some might say the Supernova. I own both and smile profusely when sipping them. On special occasions I share a dram with the select few.

If you want to enter the major leagues with Ardbeg, seek out the rare and not so humble 24 Y.O. Provenance. I raise a glass to all that is Ardbeg!


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