Whisky with an “A”

My scotch cabinet holds a wide variety of single malt scotch, with a smattering of bourbon and rye.  So the question is where do I begin in highlighting  my favorites – do I follow the rows in the cabinet or the order in my book, Whisky Tales: Tastings and Temptations, or what?  When in doubt, KISS – keep it simple stupid. Here goes, whisky talk in alphabetical order.

Aberfeldy 21 Y.O. , a Highland from Dewar. As a newbie many years ago who thought she knew almost everything but really knew nothing about distillery products and histories, I was knocked off my lofty pedestal when I learned that this gem of a whisky is part of the Dewar portfolio. I know now to always seek out the details behind a whisky.

My whisky preferences most always revolve around the peat and smoke of Islay malts, which is saying something about my being enamored with the Aberfeldy 21 Y.O. I have served it at tastings and it always scores high with participants. This 21 Y.O. is warm and sweet with hints of honey. It is a giant leap from the 12 Y.O.  To me the richness and depth comes through as a perfect dram. It scores an “A” and is shared with special friends.

Raise a glass!


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